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True Edge Academy in the News:

herald.jpgDAILY HERALD

True Edge Academy (Utah) participated in a renaissance festival in Lindon, Utah and the Daily Herald was on hand to catch all the action. Read more



Recommended Sites:

hema.jpgTHE HEMA Alliance

True Edge Academy of Swordsmanship is an affiliate group of the HEMA Alliance (HEMAA). The HEMA Alliance is an international non-profit martial arts federation dedicated to the study of Historical European Martial Arts. Comprised of dozens of independent martial arts schools and clubs throughout the world, the Alliance provides its affiliates with liability insurance, curriculum assistance, educational accreditation, and other services. Learn more


wiktenauer.jpgTHE WIKTENAUER

The Wiktenauer is an online Wiki database dedicated to the masters, manuals, and techniques of Historical European Martial Arts. The Wiktenauer is an open-source service provided by the HEMA Alliance for its members and the general public. Members of True Edge Academy are key contributors in making the Wiktenauer the most comprehensive source of HEMA information on the Web. Visit now



Approved Vendors:


Albion Swords creates superior medieval and renaissance-era weapons. Their products are expensive, but worth every dollar. Highly recommended. Visit now




Dwarven Smithy produces the finest nylon wasters, bucklers, and sparring helmets available. Owned by Brian Hunt, the Smithy is the preferred vendor for all HEMA training gear. Visit now




athena.gifKULT OF ATHENA

Kult of Athena is a reseller of most popular swordmakers. With unmatched prices and good customer service, Kult of Athena is a great place to shop for any replica weapon. Visit now




Other HEMA Groups:


The Academy of European Swordsmanship is one of the top HEMA schools in Canada. Visit now