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The online sandbox of John Harmston, writer and web marketing guru.

Team Banzai Marketing
A cutting-edge online agency specializing in social media, branding, advertising, graphic design, and marketing consulting.

True Edge Academy of Swordsmanship
One of the oldest historical European martial arts groups in the United States.  Historical fencing techniques are taught and researched by groups in Salt Lake City (UT), Provo (UT), Lehi (UT), and parts of Washington state.

A Knight For A Day
A Knight For A Day can provide your event with an accomplished swordsman dressed in authentic 16th-century armor.  The perfect way to add excitement to your grand opening, private party, school assembly, or special event.

Digital Hullabaloo
Practical advice for modern life.  An informational website dedicated to a variety of interests, from home security to unusual hobbies.

HEMA Alliance
One of the largest Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) federations in the world.  Dedicated to the preservation and practice of HEMA and other Western Martial Arts.

The world’s largest database of historical “fight books” and combat treatises.  A service of the HEMA Alliance.




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