True Edge is a Utah based HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) school which meets in Salt Lake City and Orem. As an affiliate of the HEMA Alliance, True Edge is part of a growing community dedicated to reconstructing the European martial arts of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and later. Using historical fighting manuals and authentic training weapons, True Edge is rediscovering these lost arts.

Interested in European history or weaponry? Ever wanted to learn how to sword fight? Looking for a fun way to get some exercise? Here’s your chance!


HEMA stands for Historical European Martial Arts. This broad umbrella spans a period between ca. 1300-1800, and is rooted in the written and illustrated teachings of various masters from many european nations. The traditions within that umbrella is a rich tapestry of weapon-sets and contexts. You can be a part of bringing these arts back to life.

We believe strongly in equality and inclusivity, and we welcome anyone from any background or nationality to join the club. Height, weight, gender, or ethnicity, are not barriers to participation in this art.


We primarily study and practice the Liechtenauer, or the German tradition of the longsword. Other weapons of study include Sword and Buckler, Dussack, Messer, Rapier, Grappling, Polearms, and more.


Learning to read, study, and interpret the historic manuals and treatises is critical to the success of every student. Our interpretations are at the forefront of the HEMA community and our instructors teach workshops at events throughout the Western US.


Our instructors and students include multiple medalists with years of experience and a proven pedagogical approach.