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Upcoming HEMA Events!

For anyone interested there is a number of upcoming HEMA events that are within a reasonable driving distance. If you are interested in attending any of these events let your fellow students know as carpooling and sharing accommodations can cut down on the cost.

Mid-Continental HEMA Open, Denver, CO

The Mid-Continental HEMA Open (MCHO) is a new tournament hosted by
Denver Historical Fencing Academy. You can register here.

Dates: July 12th – 14th

Cost: $75 + Tournaments ($20-25 each)


  • Open Steel Longsword
  • Women’s Longsword
  • Beginner’s Longsword
  • Steel Saber (weapons provided)
  • Longsword Obstacle/Skills Course

CombatCon, Las Vegas, NV

CombatCon is a small convention and a large HEMA tournament. This event has a lot of classes, panels, vendors, and a costume party called the Time Traveler’s Ball. You can register here and if you are going for the HEMA tournaments, the Tournament Pass is recommended over the Warrior Pass.

Dates: August 1st – 4th

Cost: $110 (Tournament Pass) + Tournaments ($15-35 each)


  • Synthetic Longsword
  • Open Steel Longsword
  • Invitational Longsword
  • Women’s Longsword
  • Sword and Buckler
  • Rapier
  • Singlestick
  • Beginners Cutting
  • Open Cutting
  • Invitational Cutting

Swordsquatch, Seattle, WA

Swordsquatch has a lot of workshops, the Bigfoot brawl, tournaments, Night of Fire(?), a shindig, Flying Trapeze, and a cutting party. Registration comes with 3 lunches, the shindig meal, a t-shirt, and the cutting party.
You can register here.

Dates: September 6th – 8th

Cost: $225 + Tournaments ($25-50 each)


  • Cutting
  • Beginner’s Nylon Longsword
  • Ringen
  • Women’s Steel Longsword
  • Steel Longsword
  • Sunday Mystery

Duels at High Noon, Tuscon, AZ

Duels at High Noon is a tournament with somewhat unconventional rule sets (matches are normally 30 seconds, but you fight a lot of them) and always includes an unusual tournament, this year Bastone, which will be proceeded with a class on its use. You can register here.

Dates: September 21st – 22nd

Cost: $50 (for HEMAA member)


  • Longsword
  • Dussack
  • Bastone