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UVU Clubs Banquet

On the evening of April 18, 2019, True Edge South attended the annual UVU Clubs Banquet to celebrate another successful year. To represent the club, head instructor Chad Healey and instructors Mariah Healey, Matthew Pope, Thomas Appiah, and Monica Benavides Molina were in attendance.

True Edge South instructors Thomas, Chad, Mariah, Monica and Matthew

True Edge South was asked to do a brief demonstration of what our club is all about, so Chad and Mariah did a Superman-esque wardrobe change from formal wear into sparring gear just in time to hop on stage. There they introduced the audience to HEMA and demonstrated a few parries (Schnappen, Zucken, and the unnamed parry with half-swording). The performance concluded with a few exchanges of full-speed sparring.

Demonstration by Chad and Mariah

Of course, it’s hard to resist doing a little bit of swordwork once you have the weapon in hand, so after the banquet concluded and most of the attendees trickled away, we all had a bit of fun with longsword and saber in the open space.

True Edge South did not win any awards this year, but it was still a fun night out for the instructor team and a good opportunity to do some educating and make our presence a bit better known on UVU campus.