Wasatch HEMA Fall Tournament – Results!

The fall tournament ran very smoothly this year, due to some changes to the rules. A total of 26 fighters participate this year and there was a lot of excellent fighting. All tournament results, pool standings, and other match details can be found on HEMA Scorecard. If you attended and would like to give some input, please fill out the tournament survey.

Beginners Longsword Tournament

1st Bryce Johns, 2nd Trent Peschke, 3rd Delon Martin, 4th Stewart Yeoh

Steel Longsword Tournament – Open

1st John Merril, 2nd Joshua Gardner, 3rd Jacob Blocker, 4th Monica Benavides

Steel Longsword Tournament – Advanced

1st Chad Healey, 2nd Jeremy Halliday, 3rd Jack Stewart, 4th Thomas Appiah