For the beginning student, swords and basic protective gear are provided by True Edge Academy. As students progress, acquiring their own gear for comfort and intensity becomes more important, up to a full sparring kit and their own practice weapons. Please see below for a full list of protective gear and our recommended vendors.

Before buying any equipment, be sure to talk to an instructor, they can tell you what you need and give you feedback on gear, swords and about upcoming club orders. 


  • Approved fencing mask
  • Mask cover/ back of the head protection
  • Approved heavy gloves
  • Fencing Jacket- at least 350N
  • Gorget with hard throat plate
  • Fencing pants or protective skirt
  • Hard protectors for knees, shins, and elbows
  • Hard forearms recommended but not required
  • Chest protector for women
  • Cup/groin protection for men
  • Appropriate footwear
  • Tournament-level gear requires all skin be covered

Purpleheart Armory is one of the leading suppliers of HEMA equipment, training weapons. They sell great products from trusted brands such as Absolute Force, SPES Historical Fencing Gear, VB Swords, and PBT Historical Fencing gear.

HEMA supplies a supplier of imported protective equipment, training swords, and sharps from brands such as Sparring Gloves, Regenyei Armoury, and more. 

South Coast Swords is both a HEMA club in California and a supplier of training weapons and HEMA gear. They sell products by BlackFencer and Superior Fencing (as Lynx).

Sigi Forge is a relatively new maker of training swords that are safe and reliable.

Albion Swords creates superior Medieval and Renaissance-era weapons including training swords. Their products are expensive, but worth every dollar. Highly recommended.

Kult Of Athena is a reseller of most popular swordmakers. With unmatched prices and good customer service, Kult of Athena is a great place to shop for any replica weapon.