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True Edge Academy (Spokane)

About the group:

Currently, True Edge Academy (Spokane) trains in longsword, sword & buckler (S&B), and single sword based on the TEA model curriculum.  Many of the group’s students reside in western Washington, so TEA(S) has a large footprint. 


Public classes:

True Edge Academy (Spokane) usually trains at Kick N Fun in Spokane Valley (404 N. Argonne Rd.) Practice times are Wednesday 6-8pm and Saturdays 5-8pm.


Instructor bio:


Stewart Feil started studying Asian martial arts in 1991, but later shifted his focus and has been exclusively studying historic fencing for nearly a decade. He is one of the foremost experts in the world on sword & buckler.  Stew has successfully played his prize twice, proving martial skills with longsword, and with sword & buckler.  He is currently the Curriculum Director for the HEMA Alliance.

Stew graduated from Gonzaga School of Law in May 2010 and is working on a massive S&B interpretive work with published author Brian Hunt, a member of True Edge Academy in Utah.  This seminal work will encompass not only MS I.33, but will trace out the common elements of S&B combat starting with the MS I.33 and ending in the 17th century.  Additionally, Stew will be creating a short series of video lessons that encompass the fundamentals of Historical European Martial Arts.  “My personal goal,” Stew says, “is to give people the foundation necessary to begin their study of HEMA, become effective martial artists, and build the eye to interpret the sources themselves.”

Stew recently moved to Ellensburg and will be forming a new group in that area. He is currently offering instruction by appointment, with regular training still to be announced.