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Frequently Asked Questions

True Edge Academy in Utah

Q – Where and when do you hold practices?
A – View our True Edge FaceBook Page under "General Information" for current practice times and locations in Salt Lake and Provo.

Q – Which class should I attend?
A – Beginners are currently welcome to attend any class at any of the locations.

Q – Does it cost money to attend True Edge Academy?
A – We currently have a promotion that allows new students to attend for two weeks for free to try it out.  After that, we charge club dues of $20 per month ($5 a week).  If you have ever gone to another martial arts school, you know that is very inexpensive!  Our instructors are not paid; True Edge Academy is a non-profit organization and the dues that are collected go to club expenses such as loaner gear, promotional material, facility rental, HEMA Alliance affiliation, website expenses, etc.  If you cannot afford the club dues, talk to a Senior Instructor about getting a reduced fee or waiver.

Q – Do you have age requirements?
A – At the present time you must be 16 or older to attend.  In the near future we may start holding youth classes, depending on interest levels.

Q – What do I need to bring to my first class?
A – All you need to bring is comfortable clothes to work out in.  Sneakers or Five Fingers are recommended.  Do not wear jeans, as you will find them too restrictive.  Otherwise just bring water and sunscreen as appropriate.  We have limited loaner gear available for new students, but eventually you will need to begin purchasing your own training weapons and protective sparring gear.

Q – Do you carry medical insurance?
A – True Edge Academy does not carry comprehensive medical insurance.  You are required to sign a liability waiver before practicing that says you recognize that martial arts are inherently dangerous and that True Edge Academy, its instructors and students, and the practice location are not liable for injuries or damage.  You need to have your own medical insurance.

Q – Do you have standard uniforms?
A – Different instructors might have slightly different requirements, but the most basic uniform is black pants and a forest green t-shirt.  After you have attended for a few weeks you are expected to start assembling a uniform.  Ask your instructor for details.  You can also visit http://www.zazzle.com/krosshair* to purchase a branded shirt.

Q – Are you Live Action Role Players?  (Or part of the SCA, or re-enactors, or boffer-fighters, etc.)
A – No.  While members of True Edge Academy are free to participate in those other activities, what we study and train in is popularly called “historical fencing”.  It is the martial arts of medieval and renaissance Europe, and we approach it as a martial art.

Q – How do you train?  What is a practice like?
A – The structure of any given practice depends on the material being covered and the preferences of the instructor.  Some typical activities might include stretching, calisthenics, practice cutting, solo drills, partner drills, team drills, mat work, “flourishing” (shadow boxing with a sword), manual study, lectures, footwork drills, sparring, “forms”, test cutting, and more.

Q – What type of swords do you use?
A – True Edge Academy uses a variety of weapons, depending on the situation and the objectives of the training; we use wood, padded, nylon, and steel weapons.  Our preference is steel blunts, since they perform most like historical weapons while still providing a level of safety.  We also use sharp swords for some cutting practice.  The only type of weapon we never use are stainless steel “wallhangers” which are not only unrealistically heavy, but are too hard, making them prone to breaking.